Water treatment

Decalcification, domestic reverse osmosis, multilayer bed filters, chlorine dosing systems with free chlorine tester, vertical and horizontal filters, etc.

Greywater regeneration

Domestic wastewater treatment, hydrocarbon separators, septic tanks, etc.


Treatment and purification of water for human consumption: MBR, ETAP and EDAR technology, green filters, ultraviolet irradiation, etc.


As part of our commitment to using the best available technology, we distribute the leading measurement and testing products for controlling the different parameters involved in agriculture, gardening and the environment.

  • Continuous measurement and monitoring of different variables: temperature, moisture, pH, conductivity, etc.
  • Quality control of fruit
  • Moisture measuring systems for grain
  • Disease and plague monitoring systems
  • Weather stations
  • Internet-based control equipment for monitoring different variables