Iberaqua is a company specializing in water. Its Portuguese subsidiary is Aquaiberica.


IBERAQUA's mission is to be a dependable company capable of providing solutions to any water-related issue, achieving maximum efficiency and effectiveness to provide our clients with greater profitability with the highest standards of local and environmental protection through the rational use of water resources.


IIberaqua has a vision of being a dependable partner and a leader in the water sector by offering a comprehensive service run by an efficient and involved team that is committed to the environment.

Iberaqua commitments and values

At Iberaqua, we are committed to values that ensure our company is involved with the society where it operates. We firmly believe in the duty to return part of any profit we may obtain to society. We therefore sponsor several local sports teams and events, form part of the business and sports programme run by Villanueva de la Serena town hall, which led to the city swimming pool bearing Iberaqua's name, and support culture by collaborating with concerts, for example, in 2011: Juan Magán, the Merida concert against cancer, carnival, etc. Our commitment to the environment and water sees its most characteristic event on 22 March, when a water-themed drawing competition is run for schoolchildren. The prizes awarded help promote reading and educational environmental activities.

Our staff have a personalised career path and we offer access to training to each of our workers, helping them to achieve a work-life balance by adopting flexible working hours and holidays, and applying reduced working hours when necessary.

These aspects are detailed in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report; we are one of the few companies to have submitted our operations to the Extremadura social responsibility observatory system based on Spanish Law 15/2010.